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Providing collateral rights.
About Investors
Invest to the World’s various products.
Because of the currency difference, it was impossible to participate on the funds abroad, Investors made it possible with crypto currency. Now, try staking on various funds in the world you want.
Stake with the amount you would like.
Investors is a crypto currency based collateral asset staking platfrom. Not like old funds, You can stake with your wanted price with crypto currency, even with small amount.
Free withdrawal
Unlike old funds couldn’t take the asset back until the maturity, You can withdraw the asset as HSF which can be sold on exchanges.
Extra stake on concluded fund.
Participate to the 'Room' with HSF, Replacing the resigned investors with withdrawal, even if the fundraising already concluded.
Invest Flows
Create Fund
Funds are created by Investors’ fund managers
Fund Raising
You can freely invest in the investment products you want through tokens
Fund Complete
When the investment fundraising for the product is completed, HSF will be deposited as collateral as much as the amount of its investment in the contract.
Investment Close
When the period expires and the investment is terminated, the principal and proceeds are distributed according to the ratio. Details can be found in the flagbook.
Room Create
If you give up collateral and have a user who sold HSF, the product will open a room and you can participate in the secondary investment through HSF.
Investment Ongoing
When the investment is in progress, early investors can wait until maturity or give up collateral and sell HSF to the outside world.